OKO Puncture Free puncture protection 250 ml


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The best all-purpose puncture protection

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The best all purpose puncture protection

  • Now seals holes up to 4 mm.
  • Works for multiple punctures.
  • Lasts the entire life of the tire.
  • Suitable for all types of bicycles.
  • Ideal for tubes.

OKO Puncture Free is a water-based liquid that works both on tires with tubes and tires without tubes. With a dose of 60 to 100 ml per tire on conventional bikes, depending on the size, it provides security for the life of the tire. It is a universal product for commuters, e-bikes, cross country and mountain bikes and is most often used with inner tubes. Many other bicycle sealants (especially those made from natural latex) are simply too weak to do their job: They dry out. OKO Puncture Free will last for the life of the tire. To convert to a tubeless system, use a tubeless-ready rim tape and OKO Magic Milk.

The 250 ml bottle is enough for a large bike with some reserve: for 26-inch MTB tires, it’s now only 100 ml per tire, up to 20% less weight than any recognized competitor. Keep one in your backpack to fix a bike puncture; with an air pump or CO2 cartridge, you can re-inflate after a puncture and continue riding.

Easy assembly with the valve core remover and inflation hose included in each bottle cap, or use an OKO tire sealant injector for easy, accurate measuring. (Note: If you use Presta valves, make sure they have a removable core. If not, you will not be able to inject the sealant into the valve stem).


    • Up to 18″ 50ml


  • 20″ BMX 80ml
  • 22-24″ Junior MTB 80ml
  • 26″ MTB 100ml
  • 700C 80-100ml
  • 29″ MTB 120ml

No risk and safety labels or warnings are required as this product is not classified as hazardous under current regulations. Standard safety precautions should be taken: Wear gloves and protect eyes. Keep away from children. If swallowed, consult a doctor.


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