About EMRG

What does EMRG stand for?

¬†EMRG (pronounced “emerge”) comes from “emergence.”

Emergence (Latin emergere “to emerge”, “to come out”, “to rise up”) refers to the possibility of the formation of new properties or structures of a system as a result of the interaction of its elements.

A bicycle and its rider, for example, are an emergent system. Only both together can ride a bicycle. Each one individually cannot.

Who is behind EMRG?

The three founders Matthias, Simon and Max come from three different backgrounds. Matthias is probably known to many through his brand Reichmann Engineering and is responsible for design and R&D at EMRG. Simon is a specialist for technical documentation and has been working exclusively in the bike industry for more than 10 years. At EMRG he serves the areas of technical content and product management. Max is at home in the areas of web development, IT processes and system programming. These three competencies form the core of EMRG.

One thing we have in common is that we have never been good at sitting still and resting on what we have.

The brand Reichmann Engineering remains and is continued under the umbrella of EMRG. Matthias is in charge of product development and can implement his idea of bikes and parts in products. Under this brand, especially products are created that stand out technically from other products.

R&D / Engineering

Technical Content /
Product Management

IT Operations

What projects are planned?

At the moment there are some projects coming up. Soon there will be more information here!