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The Virtual Pivot Headsets for tapered forks are ready for preorder!

Finally, the time has come. The development and testing of the Virtual Pivot headsets took more than a year. The happier we are now that we can offer the version for tapered forks now by pre-order.

With 6061 T-6 aluminum bearing shell and eccentric and durable Enduro Bearings, the Virtual Pivot Headset is the only option for riders who want to change the offset of their fork without sacrificing quality and performance. High-strength titanium screws are used to clamp the eccentric.

The change of offset is achieved by two eccentric clamping parts, which are clamped on the top and bottom of the steerer tube. The offset can be increased or decreased by rotating the eccentrics.

Setting a shorter or longer offset makes the perfect setup of your steering geometry a breeze.


Bearing cups and eccentrics: Aluminum 6061-T6. Perfectly shaped to reduce weight and maximize stability.

Offset: An adjustment range of +/- 4mm is achieved via the eccentric, i.e. 8mm in total. This area is sufficient to optimize the bike from maximum grip and smooth running to more agility.

Ball Bearings: Fully sealed, durable and rustproof Enduro Bearings.

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Suspension optimization #1 for the SENDuro

Many of the current shocks offer very a wide range of adjustments. In addition, special tunes can be ordered from many suspension manufacturers. To find the best possible setup for the SENDuro, we visited Stefan from insanityofgravity. Stefan is passionately dedicated to all topics related to mountain bike development, optimization and tuning. On his blog, Stefan challenges prevailing opinions and tries to confirm certain theories through calculations and experiments. Also through his mountain bike projects, every ambitious tech nerd should have come into contact with Stefan in the media. His Ultra High Pivot Enduro has at least generated some interest:

To get reliable data, Stefan does not rely on the manufacturer’s data, but measures the spring and damping characteristics himself.

The self-designed test rig for the spring characteristic compresses the shock step by step and records the resulting force.

The measured values are transferred to a table and output as a curve. The spring curve can then be superimposed on the leverage ratio curve of the frame using special software. The result of this measurement confirmed our impressions from practice: The Fox X2 with its relatively high air chamber volume harmonizes very well with characteristic of the SENDuro frame.

In the second step, the damping characteristic is measured. Missing adapters are made by Stefan in his own workshop.

A dynamometer is required for recording the damping curve. The shock is compressed at different speeds and the resulting forces are measured and recorded. By compressing the shock at different speeds, a very precise distinction can be made between high- and low-speed rebound and compression.

Different settings of the compression and rebound damping can now be used to try to approximate an ideal damping characteristic. If the adjustment range of the shock does not allow this, special tuning of the shock can be considered. However, since personal preferences, the personal fitness level and the preferred trails also play a role in the selection of the damping curve in addition to the theoretical values, a great deal of intuition is required here.

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SENDuro – What`s next?

We have been a bit quiet in the media lately and some of you might have wondered how things are going or what the current status is.

We have spent a lot of time on the SENDuro, have tried different setups, have ridden some races and had a really good time on the bike.

We are more than happy with the kinematics and the function of the frame and don’t want to make any more changes here.

As indicated in the last newsletter, we have revised the bearing seats on some parts and improved some details. Also, the rear end now come with an additional adjustment option, with which the geo can be fine-tuned. Thus the SENDuro probably is one of the best adjustable enduros on the market. To all the adjustment options still comes a separate video.

Unfortunately, we are behind our original schedule and will not make the first planned production in June. With the components that are welded to the frame, there were unfortunately material problems and we had to find a solution with our supplier here. However, the problem has now been identified and resolved and we can confidently move on to the next round.

At the moment we are waiting for new parts and will probably be able to release the final state of the frame at the end of May and then plan a production date. For all those who have already reserved a frame, this unfortunately means that some patience is still necessary.

As soon as we are ready, there will be an official launch and information about the pre-order. Everyone who has already reserved a frame will get priority access to the preorder.

Thanks for your patience and if you have any questions, you can always contact us by mail, phone or whatever. See you soon!

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SENDuro // ride24

The South African news magazine ride24 published a small article about the Reichmann Engineering SENDuro based on the article from The European Bike Project.

“The Senduro could set new standards for rear-suspension performance.”


Click on the image to go to the full article.

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SENDuro // pinkbike

The European Bike Project publishes a monthly series about 5 small and exceptional products from European manufacturers on the world’s largest online mountain bike news platform pinkbike. This time we may present our SENDuro in this series alongside 4 other great manufacturers.

Read the full article here: